A youth female selection squad in honour of 4 x World Surfing Champion, Wendy Botha. Originally from South Africa, Wendy made some huge sacrifices in committing to her dreams of becoming a world champion. She knew that there were more surfing competitions and pathways in Australia so she made the big move by herself as a teenager. They were different times back then for a young female athlete and Wendy sure does have some stories. She went on to win four world surfing titles in the late 80's and early 90's and has officially been inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and Surfing Australia Hall of Fame. Wendy sports a large lioness tattoo in honour of her father, who's name is Leo and Wendy's star sign is also a Leo. Although Wendy is proudly Australian, she also respects her South African heritage with the Lioness badge. 

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Head Coach:  Kim Eulenstein of Elite Salt Academy


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