Elite Salt Academy provides world-class specialist training in swimming, surfing and diving. Head Coach Kim Eulenstein is an all round water woman with a life-time spent swimming in pools, open ocean and surfing around the world. 

From a young age Kim took to swimming like a little mermaid. Her parents loved to waterski and put her on toboggan behind a high performance ski boat from the age of 2. In her youth Kim trained with a Sydney swim club for over ten years competing in hundreds of carnivals around Australia including CHS, Metro, State and National Championships. She has attended countless training camps, workshops and high performance programs over the years. 

In her early teens Kim was enticed into swimming for North Steyne Surf Club in a range of open ocean swims, iron-woman competitions and their Branch, State and Nationals teams. 

Following years of swimming down the black line, training the body to absolute failure and racking up a stack of medals, hours at competitions and travel time, Kim threw in the towel on competitive pool and ocean swimming and continued her passion for free-surfing. 

After completing her HSC, Kim moved into studies in Business and Marketing at the Charles Sturt University, while coaching at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Learn to Swim, Adult Beginner, Stroke Development and Junior Squad Development were her favourite programs. She also worked heavily in the administration side and worked pool deck lifeguarding alongside her former SLS Captain, Jon Cowell. 

Following completion of studies Kim moved into various roles in the sports industry including an early gig at a large sports management company in Olympic Park. They worked heavily in NRL, AFL, Basketball, Soccer and Union and gave Kim her first taste for sports management and sponsorships. Since then Kim has worked for a variety of state sporting bodies including Masters Swimming NSW as well as heading Marketing and Communications for the international swimming brand 'Zoggs'. 

In 2012 Kim launched Girl Surf Network, the largest womens surf platform in the world which focuses on the active promotion of womens surfing around the world. In 2018 Kim launched SALTLOCKER, an Australian female surf platform providing a range of programs, events and member benefits to the female surf community. 


In 2018 Kim won the Open Womens 1klm Ocean Swim at the Pan Pacific Masters Games (18 years and over) on the Gold Coast, beating the next best place getter by over 30 seconds. 

Outside of all of the above Kim has also run her own Sports Management and Marketing business working with a range of high performance athletes in surfing, snow sports and NRL. Kim's true focus was working with female athletes as well as youth mentorship. Kim has personally managed a range of ASP & WSL World Tour surfers, a range of WSL/QS and Pro Junior Surfers. 

Speaking with a large variety of high performance, competitive surfers in recent years prompted Kim to create a specific swimming program for surfers. Ocean fitness, swim technique, paddle technique, fitness, breath holds, water competency, general water skills, board control, sculls, power and drills being just some of the focal points of her program. There are a range of programs, sessions and workshops for elite, high performance athletes as well juniors and free-surfers wanting to work on their water skills. The programs are fun, using a range of skills, aids, games and drills. For the untrained eye, they might seem like being a kid, swimming in a backyard pool again.


Elite Salt Academy offers a range of aquatic programs from basic LTS to elite, high performance training. Kim works with a range of cross training athletes in swimming, surfing, surf lifesaving, ocean swimmers, triathletes, NRL, AFL, Union, boxing, MMA, snow, skate, rock climbing, endurance athletes and of course, the weekend warriors.  


Programs include: 

Adult learn to swim - squads and event centric programs.

Stroke correction, development and high performance technique.

Surfer training on ocean fitness, water skills, breath-hold, fear management and lung capacity.  

Womens health and fitness.  

Mindset, focus and breath training.

Surf Lifesaving Nipper and Ironman/women training. 

Lifeguard and Police force training. 

High performance stroke correction. 

Athlete centric training. 

Junior competitor training. 

Corporate fun days. 

School swim, surf and ocean education programs. 

Kim's current aquatic / surf qualifications include:
ASCTA Accred Swim Coach 
Surfing NSW Accred Surf Coach
Scuba Schools International Open Water Diver
CPR / First Aid

Apola Ocean Safety Surf Coach


 Practise what you preach. 

 Head coach Kim is an experienced swimmer, surfer, diver and

 open water specialist. 


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