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Indoor Swimming Pool

Specialist training 
for emergency services


Elite Salt Academy is a proud and trusted partner of Emerge & See delivering education and training to current and former emergency services workers including Police (inc AFP), Ambulance, Fire and Marine. Emerge and See work in the key areas of education, medical, wellbeing, legal and finance and are the first independent charity in NSW & the ACT providing guidance and support to emergency service workers living with PTSD. 


ESA and E&S workshops involve dry-land and water-based activities designed specifically for emergency services applications as well as evidence based breathwork and aquatic practice for stress, anxiety, PTSD, mental health, high pressure and performance applications. 


Workshops and private sessions are run at a variety of locations across NSW and the ACT throughout the year. If you are interested in taking part in an Emerge and See workshop please contact Emerge and See direct via the official website

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