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Online Swim Coaching

Send in your swimming videos and talk directly wth Elite Salt Academy's professional swimming coach from anywhere in the world! All you need to do is book in your session, upload your swimming video and we'll lock in a Skype session to review your footage. This is a great way to

 have our specialist coaches go over your swimming technique, goals and training plan. These are live sessions designed to help you improve.

How does it work? 


Simply enquire with our team via email and discuss time options for your session.

Goal setting

Set some goals for your swimming. What do you want learn and improve on?


Have a friend film your swimming technique and send it in for your Skype session.

your session

A 30 minute Skype session with our coach to go over your footage and refine your technique. 

So how much does it cost?

One 30 minute session is $65 AUD payable by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) upon booking the session. Skype is our preferred method of coaching as we can screen share the swimming footage making the feedback coaching easy to understand. 

Meet the Head Coach

Kim Eulenstein is a professional Swimming Australia accredited swimming coach with 35 years experience in and around the water. She is a former competitive Australian national competitive pool swimmer, surf life saver, triathlete, surfer, freediver and the current Pan Pacific Masters Games open water 1klm champion. Kim is a technique, breathing and open water specialist who can fine tune beginners right through to elite high performance swimmers. She is a sought after mentor working with an impressive list of high profile water based athletes around the world.    

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