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2019 Elite Salt Academy Sook Jar for TAKE 3 for the Sea

Every year Elite Salt Academy holds an 'ESA Sook Jar' which is technically a general fine jar. Fines range from $1.00 to $10.00 for general sooking, bad behaviour, bludging, sleeping in, laxing off, bad sportsmanship or any other reason that the coach, squad captains or majority votes see fit.

Funds raised go towards an organisation that that all of our Elite Salt Academy crew are very passionate about, Take 3 for the Sea.

Take 3's co-founder Mandy Marechal is a NSW Central Coast local and will head into the Elite Salt Academy head quarters to do a count and collect straight from the jar at the end of the 2019 season.

Elite Salt Academy Head Coach Kim Eulenstein says this is a great way to support a local charitable organisation each year while also keeping our clients, both kids and adults accountable for their actions.

'It can get pretty chilly in the winter months and a few sook coins go into the jar in the early mornings. We also fine for lapses in concentration during skill work, focus tasks and goal sets. Forget your goggles? That's a fine. Drop a set? That's a fine. Late to training? That's a big fine! I've even copped a few fines over winter! It's all for a good cause and I'm very happy to contribute to Take 3 this year.'

You can contribute to the ESA Sook Jar at any point throughout the year to aid in education, research, active programs and growth of the Take 3 for the Sea organisation.


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