Advanced Breath & Mind Session for Big Wave World Tour Surfer Felicity Palmateer

Felicity Palmateer during training with Kim Eulo Eulenstein at Elite Salt Academy

No stranger to pool training, Big Wave World Tour surfer Felicity Palmateer was impressive during her advanced breath work and mind session with high performance coach, Kim Eulo Eulenstein.

How good is salt water!

Coming back from a leg injury and off the back of a huge WSL Big Wave tour in 2019, Flick is definitely finds solace in the saltwater.

Felicity definitely knows how to hold her own without her board.

Strong water skills without a surfboard is a must if you're going to be putting yourself in 30ft+ waves. It's not just about paddle power out there. It's survival. Breath work and mental strength really comes into play. Having the ability to relax under pressure and maintain focus while committing to some of the heaviest waves in the world is an absolute must.


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