Advanced Tech Session for Freediving Record Holder Adam Stern.

Professional Freediving Champion Adam Stern tech training with Elite Salt Academy's Kim 'Eulo' Eulenstein

Adam Stern is an Australian professional freediver and Australian record holder who has reached depths of over 100m on a single breath.

'For me, freediving has been a constant process of self discovery in which I have redefined my limits time and time again. And doing this so often in my diving has allowed me to use the same mentality and confidence in the rest of my life.'

Adam is well regarded as one of the best freedivers in the world and is currently residing and training full-time in the Phillipines with his freediving family. Right before heading over Adam got in a quick session with technique specialist Kim Eulenstein at Elite Salt Academy on the NSW Central Coast. The two talked all things freediving, propulsion training methods and focused on the finer points of Adam's technique.

One happy freediver!


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