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Elite Salt Academy - We do things a little differently here.

Elite Salt Academy Head Coach Kim Eulenstein during depth, mindset and apnea training.

Words by Kim Eulenstein

Over the past few months I've been working closely with a with a lot of people on mindset, focus, relaxation, confidence and breath work. They have stepped outside of their comfort zones while learning to slow down, calm the mind & calm the body.

Every person at Elite Salt Academy is on their own journey. Whether they are a total beginner or a high performance athlete. We have people of all types come to train. Swimmers, surfers, triathletes, groms, masters, fighters, skaters, ironmen & women, footy players and climbers. We get people with extreme water phobia and corporate big wigs that need guidance in switching off.

Elite Salt Academy is not your standard swim academy. There are plenty of amazing swim schools and coaches around the country that focus on learn to swim and competitive swimming. We do things a little different here.

All you need to do is start.


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