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Specialist Training

The most comprehensive training in swim, surf, dive and aquatic fitness. Elite Salt Academy is an Australian based academy specialising in professional coaching programs developed from years of professional and personal experience in competitive swimming, surfing, freediving, ocean swimming,

surf life saving, athlete development, breathwork and health science.




Surf Squads 

Pool based training programs for surfers. Surf fitness, paddle technique, breath, mindset, fitness & swim skills.

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Open Water

Open Water

Open water education for Ironman, Triathlon, Surf Lifesaving, Ocean Swimmers and Freediving.

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Football Teams

Team Training

Specialist training and recovery for elite teams in NRL, AFL, Union and Soccer.

Breath is Everything

Breath Work

Dry-land breathing, apnea, control, self awareness, focus, meditation and recovery.

Youth Squads

Junior Development

Youth development squads

12y - 17y/old building on water skills, technique, fitness, goals, mindset and education.



Sessions designed to improve swimming technique and overall understanding of form strokes.  


Race Day

Event centric preparation and event day athlete management, guidance and coaching.


One to One

Private one-to-one coaching to make the most of your time. 

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Breath Hold

Water-based breath work, apnea, mindset, coaching and education for general health and wellbeing applications.

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Depth Training

Specialist training at depth, freedive, open water and in pool for emergency services, defence force and ocean athlete training. 



Goal setting, planning, ocean education, fitness, mind and body seminars. 

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Swim Squads

Swim Squads

Youth and adult swim squads including development, stroke correction, endurance, adult, nipper, surf lifesaving, masters and specialty groups.

It all starts with breath

Learn to calm the mind, calm the body, stay focused and deal with pressure. 


Harness the bodys natural reflexes. Manage the nervous system and reap immediate benefits from training the bodys response to CO2 O2 & H2O

World class coaching at Elite Salt Academy

Elite Salt Academy is a Central Coast NSW based academy that offers a wide range of aquatic based programs including pool based swimming, ocean and open water swimming, evidence based breath-work and apnea training, depth work, surf survival, surf life saving programs, triathlon focused training, water therapy and so much more. We offer entry level learn-to-swim tuition and stroke correction right through to high end technique and performance training. 

Our clients include everyday swimmers, weekend warriors, absolute beginners, high performance swimmers, pool lifeguards, ocean lifeguards, nipper/junior iron-people, surfers, free divers, marine rescue, military, police, paramedics, allied health professionals, various medical staff and first responders, NRL players and teams, ARU players and teams, UFC fighters, boxers and trainers, competitive surf life savers, competitive surfers, triathletes and Ironmen/ name a few. Elite Salt Academy is an official training partner for Emergeandsee (NSW & ACT) working with current and former emergency services (NSW Police, Ambulance, Fire, AFP and marine rescue). 

Elite Salt Academy Coaching Team 

Head Coach Kim Eulo is an all round water woman with 20 years proven experience as an aquatics professional. She is an accredited coach with the Australian national governing bodies including Swimming Australia and ASCTA and is an AIDA open water freediver. Kim holds current CPR, first aid and rescue qualifications and a Bachelor of Health Science (B.HSc) - Exercise and Nutrition via the University of South Australia. Kim is former Australian national level pool swimmer, national level surf life saver and Pan Pacs Masters open water 1klm ocean swim champion. In her 'free time' Kim enjoys ocean swimming, freediving, surfing and rock climbing. Elite Salt Academy also employ a range of professionals that are specialists in their field of coaching and education. 

What makes Elite Salt Academy different? 

You will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive aquatics program in the world. Our programs are founded on a rich history of swimming, surf life saving, surfing, freediving, performance coaching, health science, behavioural sciences and aquatic therapy. We run tailored programs and sessions specific to the needs of each client. Sessions are run in very small groups or one-on-one. Our sessions are fun, engaging, therapeutic, educational and if you want to be pushed hard, we can do that too. 

Elite Salt Academy Boxing Training Centr

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