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Specialist Training

The most comprehensive training in swim, surf, dive and aquatic fitness. Elite Salt Academy is an Australian based academy specialising in professional coaching programs developed from years of professional and personal experience in competitive swimming, surfing, free-diving, ocean swimming,

surf life saving, athlete development, breathwork and health science.




Surf Squads 

Pool based training programs for surfers. Surf fitness, paddle technique, breath, mindset, fitness & swim skills.

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Open Water

Open Water

Open water education for Ironman, Triathlon, Surf Lifesaving, Ocean Swimmers and Freediving.

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Football Teams

Team Training

Specialist training and recovery for elite teams in NRL, AFL, Union and Soccer.

Breath is Everything

Breath Work

Dry-land breathing, apnea, control, self awareness, focus, meditation and recovery.

Youth Squads

Junior Development

Youth development squads

12y - 17y/old building on water skills, technique, fitness, goals, mindset and education.



Sessions designed to improve swimming technique and overall understanding of form strokes.  


Race Day

Event centric preparation and event day athlete management, guidance and coaching.


One to One

Private one-to-one coaching to make the most of your time. 

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Breath Hold

Breath-hold, fear management, panic management, hypoxic and hypercapnic breathing training. 


Depth Training

Specialist training at depth, freedive, open water and in pool for emergency services, defence force and ocean athlete training. 



Goal setting, planning, ocean education, fitness, mind and body seminars. 

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Swim Squads

Swim Squads

Youth and adult swim squads including development, stroke correction, endurance, adult, nipper, surf lifesaving, masters and specialty groups.

It all starts with breath

Learn to calm the mind, calm the body, stay focused and deal with pressure. 


Harness the bodys natural reflexes. Manage the nervous system and reap immediate benefits from training the bodys response to CO2 O2 & H2O

Meet the Head Coach

Head Coach Kim 'Eulo' Eulenstein is an all round water woman with a life-time spent swimming in pools, open ocean and surfing around the world. In her youth Kim trained with a Sydney swim club for over ten years competing in hundreds of carnivals around Australia including CHS, Metro, State and National Championships. She has attended countless training camps, workshops and high performance programs over the years. 

In her early teens Kim was enticed into swimming for North Steyne Surf Club in a range of open ocean swims, iron-woman competitions and their branch, state and nationals teams. Following years of swimming down the black line, training the body to near failure and racking up a stack of medals, hours at competitions and travel time, Kim threw in the towel on competitive pool swimming and continued her passion for ocean swimming, free-surfing and freediving. 

After completing her HSC, Kim moved into studies at Charles Sturt University while teaching and coaching at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre as an Austswim and ASCTA/ Swim Australia Coach. Learn to Swim, Adult Beginner, Stroke Development and Junior Squad Development were her favourite programs. She also worked heavily in the administration side and worked pool deck lifeguarding alongside her former Surf Life Saving Captain, Jon Cowell. Kim credits her early development as a coach to the incredible team of mentors at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre which was the venue for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the largest aquatic centre in the Southern Hemisphere. One of Kim's main coaching mentors was former training partner Andrew Hancock who spent five years as the University of West Florida Head Coach and now heads the Emmanuel College Swim Team program. 

Over the past decade Kim has worked across various roles in the sports industry including an early gig at a large sports management company in Olympic Park. She has worked for a variety of state sporting bodies including Masters Swimming NSW as well as the international swimming brand, Zoggs. 

In 2012 Kim launched Girl Surf Network, the largest womens surf platform in the world which focuses on the active promotion of womens surfing around the world. She has run countless training camps and coaching seminars with WSL World Tour Surfers across Australia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. 


Kim is the current Pan Pacific Masters Games Open Water (1km) Champion (first female finisher) following a win on the Gold Coast, beating the next best place getter by over 30 seconds. 

Over the past ten years Kim has worked with a range of high performance swimmers, WQS and WSL surfers, winter Olympians, professional boxers, competitive freedivers, triathletes, rock climbers, XXL Big Wave surfers, UFC fighters and top level NRL teams. She is a published author with book sales across 30+ countries and features in Redbull Bulletin, Swellnet, Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmopolitan, Smorgasboarder and Joyce Magazine. Kim credits a lot of her surfing coaching knowledge to 14 x Australian Surfing Champion Sandra English, former ASP/WSL World Surf League top ten competitor Rebecca Woods. She commonly works with groups of paramedics, NSW Police, ex-military personnel and marine services. A lot of Kim's university study is around cardiac health, respiratory function, neuroscience, behavioural science, hypoxia, hypercapnia and bradycardia.

Working with a large variety of high performance, competitive athletes in recent years prompted Kim to create a specific swimming program that covers mind, body and soul. Ocean fitness, swim technique, paddle technique, general fitness, breath-holding, water competency, general water skills, board control, breath control, power and drills being just some of the focal points of her program. There is a strong focus on breath work, hypercapnia training, anxiety, stress, panic management, relaxation, mindset and self awareness. On top of that Kim is a swim technique specialist that can fine tune even the strongest of pool, ocean, triathlon swimmers and competitive freedivers. 

Elite Salt Academy offers a wide range of aquatic programs from basic Learn to Swim and water phobia to elite high performance training. We also offer specific programs in water therapy, PTSD, ocean therapy and general recovery. Whether you're a weekend warrior, absolute beginner or Olympic athlete we'll have something for you. 

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